Ellery at 6 months

Ellery has turned into SUCH a good baby!  She is still more needy than than we would and will not stand to be left alone in a room or even alone on the floor without someone by her, but she has gotten so much better about the fussiness and needing to be held all the time. 

She started crawling around 5.5 months!  She then starting sitting up on her own a few days later.  We started giving her solids right at 6 months and she didn’t really care for baby food at first but now is taking it better, but would rather just have table food or something to munch on by herself. 

We switched to a milk based sensitive formula and she is tolerating it fine!  No more soy! 

She is wanting to sleep for the night by 7:00-7:30 every night and sleeps for 10-11 hours straight.  She is on a great nap schedule and napping good (usually) at Kellan’s.  She loves to be up jumping, standing, bouncing, lunging, diving, climbing, basically anything to not sit still…ever.  Why oh why do we have crazy kids….Don’t answer that….  Smile

She smiles super easily and is very excitable, just like Grady was.  She loves to be sang to, loves to be talked to in general, but especially loves Brynlee.  Thank God for Brynlee being such a good big sister and such a good helper!  Paul has been travelling a lot of work lately so I put Brynlee to work in the mornings with feeding her, talking to her, cuddling her, etc.  It’s awesome. 

6 Month Stats:  14 lbs. 5 oz – 25%, 26 in. – 50%

I can’t believe it’s already been 6 months!  We love our little girl so much!

These are pictures that I took at the dentist office while we were waiting on Grady and Brynlee.  Nice little 6 month photo shoot with my iPhone!  Winking smile


Random Photo Dump

A random assortment of pics from my phone from the rest of August. 


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